Introducing AR Blocks!

Welcome to the world of fun, build and play!


You can create AR structures in the air! Build a wall, build a house, or even a castle! Explore the wide range of textures provided, or you can even use your own photo for added creativity and fun!

There are also many shapes and sizes for your blocks- cones, cubes, spheres and many more! It is a fun yet simple-to-use app which will blow your mind. Let your creativity flow!

Download now from App Store to play!arkit-128x128_2x

You can share a screenshot with your friend, or use iTunes sharing to export the 3D models to the computer.

欢迎大家来堆 AR 积木

你可以在空气中制造任何东西 – 房子,城堡…试试看用不同的形状、材质和颜色,或用自己的照片来当建筑材料!



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