Introducing Simple Paint AR!

The simplest AR painting program!


You can choose from a variety of colours and special effects, including drawing fire and glitter in the air! There are multiple brush sizes to cater to your needs.

You can import pictures from your photo albums or take a photo to have it float in the air!

Save the drawing or even email the painting to your friends! You can use iTunes Sharing to get the 3D drawings out to your computer.

Download now and let your creativity flow!


彩虹画板 AR 是一个适合全家大小的 AR 绘画软体!在空气中自由绘画!你可用调色板来选择彩笔的颜色和大小和使用各种绘画工具!包括燃烧的火焰和流动的闪光!appstore