Android Authority: 5 best Wear OS games


Yes, there are games for Android Wear. Admittedly, they’re a little difficult to play so most of the better titles include easy controls and simple ideas, but gaming on your Wear OS device can actually be fun.

Invaders 2

Invaders 2 is one of the newer Wear OS games. This one is basically a watch version of Space Invaders. It features very simple controls. You just tap the ship to move it and then also tap to fire. It also features rotation controls and rotating crown controls if your watch has those. It’s a relatively decent arcade shooter for your wrist.


Space War

Space War is one of the interesting Android Wear games. It’s a top-down shooter. You fly a plane and shoot down as many bad guys as possible. The controls are simple enough. You tap the left or right sides of the screen to move. Tapping the center of the screen fires your weapons.

Android Authority 最佳 Wear OS 游戏



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