Animal Encyclopedic Series

Introduce your child to the amazing world of fauna with the Animal Encyclopedic Series. This set of 6 educational apps features amazing facts about animals and birds. The kid-friendly information is presented through an eye-catching video production that is very engaging and easy to understand.

Filmed in the World famous Singapore Zoo and Jurong Birdpark, these are excellent apps for young children to learn more than 500 encyclopedic facts about animals and birds. Your child will enjoy real-life animal videos, captivating animal photos, interesting facts through animation, real animal sounds, and lively music.

The 6 titles are:

  • African Safari
  • Amazing Rainforest
  • Australian Wildlife
  • Threatened Species
  • Jungle Feathers
  • Wetland Wings

The apps support Apple Watch for learning animal names. Now supports watchOS 2!



动物百科向孩子介绍世界各地的野生动物和鸟类。这些软件包含许多教学影片和难得一见的高清照片。你可以用 Apple Watch 来学习动物名字。