AR Blaster

AR BlasterYou have been transported into a world where your reality is filled with UFO invaders trying to take over your city!


However, you have been supplied with a blaster that if you tap on the screen you can shoot down the UFOs before they land in order to save your home and the world. If even one UFO lands, the aliens will attack and it will be Game Over for you!

Prevent the UFOs from landing to survive in this cruel world. Best of luck in saving Earth!

AR Blaster.PNG

AR 侵略者

无数飞碟在天空出现 – 它们即将入侵地球!
作为新一代 AR 战士,你必须在飞碟登陆之前,点按屏幕来将它们击落!
只要有一个飞碟成功降落,游戏就会结束。加油,AR 战士!