Photo Watch Digital

Photo Watch Digital 1024x500

The BEST watch face is the one with your love one! Photo Watch Digital is the fastest way to show your photo on digital watch face!

Upload the photos via Galaxy Wearables app on phone, select the photos and position the digital time on the watch face, and you will have your own personalized watch face!

If you have selected more than one photo, the photo will change automatically!

If you have questions related to Photo Watch Digital, please refer to the FAQ.

Note: there is also a free version (Photo Watch) and a generalized version for all types of watch face (Photo Watch Pro) that you can get from Galaxy Store.

Download from Samsung Galaxy Store:



通过 Galaxy Wearables 手机软件上载照片,设计你的数码表盘,你就拥有了最个人化的表盘!若你选择多过一张照片,每次看手表都可以看到新的照片!