Photo Watch Pro FAQ

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How do you install Photo Watch Pro?Screen-20160328101518

  • Photo Watch Pro is a watch face for Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Watch Active or Gear watches.
  • Once installed, long tap on current watch face, and select Photo Watch Pro watch face.
  • If you are unable to install Photo Watch Pro, please restart the watch before installation.

如何安装照片表盘 Pro?

长按表盘后选择照片表盘 Pro。如果无法安装,请先重启手表。

How do you have photos shown up on Photo Watch Pro?

  • Send the photos to the watch via Galaxy Wearables (Galaxy Watch) app. On Android phones, you can also select a photo on device, tap on the share icon, then send to Gear.
  • On Photo Watch Pro watch face, select one or more photos to be shown.
  • If more than one photo is selected, every time you raise your watch to see the time, you will see a new photo!
  • If more than one photo is selected, every time you raise your watch to see the time, you will see a new photo!

Note: The photo will only changed in ambient mode. Switch on “Watch always on” mode to enable ambient mode.


使用 Galaxy Wearables (Galaxy Watch) 手机软件来上载照片到手表上,然后在表盘上选择照片。



What are the watch faces available?

  • There are 12 different watch faces (analog/digital), each comes with 5 different styles.
  • Each design can be customized with 10 colors and 7 fonts.
  • That means we have more than 4,000 combinations to choose from!



How do you customise the watch face?

  • You customise the watch face on the watch face itself.
  • Tap on watch face to show next photo (if more than one photo are used as background).
  • Double tap the center of watch face to enter Edit mode. You will do the customization in Edit mode.W-4.0-circle-x86-preview-2019-08-21-160250

When in Edit mode, you will see some translucent overlays indicating touch areas. Help text are shown on top of touch areas and will be hidden during editing.

  • Tap on bottom area to select one or more photos from your photo album on watch.
  • Tap on top left area to change watch face design.
  • Tap on bottom left area to select one of the 5 different designs of each watch face.


  • Tap on top right area to select text font.W-4.0-circle-x86-preview-2019-08-21-160328
  • Tap on bottom right area to select color for text and needles.
  • Tap on top area to toggle battery status and 12/24 hour mode.
  • Double tap on the center of watch face to leave Edit mode.





Can I use animated GIF as background?

  • In our test, older Tizen 2-based watch can support animated GIF but the newer watches running Tizen 3/4 and above cannot. The animation only changes about 1 frame per second to save battery life.

我是否可以使用 GIF 动画作为背景?

不一定,新一代 Tizen 3/4 的手表似乎不再支持。不是所有动画皆可使用。

I selected the photo and it shows up as black, what happened?

  • Check to see if the photo is too big? Scale down to around 360×360 size
  • Check to see if the photo file name have strange characters?
  • Rename the file to use only alphabet and numbers (eg photo1.png).



I selected the photo and it shows up in wrong orientation.

  • The photo might be too big for watch to handle. Try to scale down to around 360×360 size
  • Send the photo to us to check whether the issue can be fixed



I selected multiple photos, but the background does not changed every time I look at my watch.

  • Set the watch Ambient mode to Always On.



Why don’t you use Stylize option to configure the watch face?

  • Unfortunately, this option is not available to 3rd party developers at this moment.

After trying all these things, it still does not work. What do I do?

  • Have you uploaded any photos to the watch via Galaxy Wearables (Galaxy Watch) on your phone?
  • If you are using Android phones, the photos must be on device before you can send to Galaxy Wearables (Samsung Gear) app. You might need to select the photo and save to device.
  • Did you remember to enter Edit mode before customization?
  • Select another watch face then select Photo Watch Pro watch face again. This will restart Photo Watch Pro.
  • Try switch on “Watch always on” mode. Some features depend on this feature.
  • Restart the watch to see if the issues go away.
  • Try uninstalling and reinstalling the app. This will clear the caches used by current app and might solved the issues.
  • How do you uninstall Photo Watch Pro? Select another watch face then remove Photo Watch Pro watch face.
  • Upgrade you watch firmware. Open Galaxy Wearables app on your phone and head to Settings. Once there, go to the About Gear option, and then tap the Update Gear button.

We are open to all suggestions on how to improve Photo Watch Pro! Please send emails to


你的手表有照片吗?记得要用 Galaxy Wearables (Galaxy Watch) 手机软件来上载照片。如果你用安卓手机,照片必须在手机上。