Photo Watch 2

Photo Watch 2 1024x500

Your photo is your watch face – Photo Watch 2 is the most versatile watch face for your Android Wear 2 watch! You can add complications to the watch face!


Supports all Android Wear 2 watches, 3 different watch faces with many customization options are provided.



支持不同类型的 Android Wear 2 手表,里头有3种不同类型的表盘。

How do you have photos shown up on Photo Watch 2?

  • Upon installed on phone, wait for a while and you should received notification on the watch to install the app. If you did not received the notification, go to Play Store on watch and scroll down to download the app in Apps on your phone section.

  • Select one of the watch faces (Photo Watch, Photo Analog and Photo Digital) on your watch
  • Open Photo Watch 2 app from the connected Android phone
  • Send photo from the phone app to the watch (this might take a while)
  • Set up complications on the watch face


安装到手机上,一阵子后你会在手表上收到安装通知。如果没有收到通知,请到手表上的 Play 商店的手机上的应用程式区下载软件。


在手机上打开《照片表盘 2》软件,通过这个软件上载照片到手表上(传送的速度可能不快)。你可以在手表上设置插件。

How to use Photo Watch 2 phone app?

  • Select picture from photo gallery to send to watchScreenshot_20180213-081931
  • Tap camera icon to take photo
  • Tap album icon to select a photo
  • Tap sunlight icon to adjust the brightness of watch face
  • Tap pencil icon to set custom text
  • Tap overflow menu (3 dots) for more options
  • Tap Analog menu to setup Photo Analog watch face
  • Tap Digital menu to setup Photo Digital watch face
  • Tap Text Size menu to adjust font size of watch face
  • Tap Ambient Mode menu to choose options when watch runs in ambient mode
  • Tap on one of the fonts to select the font for watch face
  • Tap on one of the colors to select the color for watch face

Once you have taken or selected a photo, it will be added to the end of the photo gallery.


You can long tap on the watch face to setup complications. Watch complications can show status on the watch like health data, battery life, world time, etc. You can place up to 6 complications of different types on the watch face. Some complications can be tapped to access more information or to launch the associated apps.

There is also a special Wallpaper complication – it allows you to show photo from the watch itself (replacing the photo sent from the phone).


你可以选择照片画廊的内置照片 ,拍照(相机图标)或用手机里的照片(相簿图标)来上载到手表上。拍摄或选择的照片会自动加入到照片画廊下方。





I am not able to send picture to my watch. Why?

  • The transfer speed might not be fast, you might need to wait for seconds or minutes. If still does not show up, please try again,
  • Do you have the watch faces installed? If not, go to Play Store on watch and scroll down to download the app in Apps on your phone section.
  • Have you selected one of the 3 watch faces of Photo Watch 2?
  • Have you selected a photo in Wallpaper complication on watch? If yes, please set it to Empty before the watch can received photo from the phone.
  • Is your watch connected to your phone and within range?
  • Is your watch running Android Wear 2 and above? This app won’t work on Samsung Gear watches and older Android Wear 1.x watches. For Samsung Gear watches, get Gear version here.



你的手表已经有《照片表盘 2》的表盘吗?如果没有,请到手表上的 Play 商店的手机上的应用程式区下载软件。


你的手表跑 Android Wear 2 或以上版本吗?这版本的《照片表盘》不支持三星 Gear 手表和 Android Wear 1.x 的手表。