Space War


Space War is a popular space arcade game for iOS, Android, Wear OS, Apple Watch, Samsung Gear watches and Java ME phones. More than 3 million copies downloaded! Space War Special Edition also available for Apple and MOGA game controllers for Android!

“Best Games and Entertainment apps for Apple Watch!” – PhoneArena

“Best Android Wear Game!” – Beebom


“Space War HD is challenging, fun and addictive – in short, everything a good mobile game should be.” – everythingandroid

“This game is simply fantastic.” – BriefMobile

“This is a cool shooter game for the Android. Thumbs up!”– Android App Review Source

“An action game that’s entertaining and will challenge even the best gamers!”- AndroidGuys

“Best Android Deals recommendation!” – Best Android Deals

There is also a version of Space War for browser.



星际之战是为 iOS, Android, Android WearApple Watch, 三星 Gear 手表和 Java ME 手机设计的太空战机射击游戏!急速飞行穿越星空,摧毁外星战舰的层层攻击!准备做最后战斗!

星际之战已经被下载超过 300 万次!

中移动应用商场 (2010年2月) 的榜首游戏!


Get Samsung Gear S2/S3/Sport version:


Samsung demonstrates Space War during the launch of first Galaxy smartphone!

三星在推出第一代 Galaxy 智能手机时展示《星际之战》!

Space image provided by Hameed