Speak & Read


“5 STARS!” – Todaysmotherhood.com
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“This is what I am looking for all these while!” – Mother of four

Speak & Read flashcard-app inspired by the proven flashcard methods pioneered by Dr. Glenn Doman and Dr. Makato Shichida. This app is designed to help children in recognizing words through proper flashing methods!

Derived from WINKtoLEARN’s Speak & Read DVD series that has help thousands of children to read from young. All the words and images are in separate “cards” to help children focus on the big words. A total of 200 flashcards!

Comes with games for each lesson. These are great reinforcement tools for your child. Free lifetime upgrades to more games and enhancements. A total of 10 lessons!

All the images are in high-definition (HD) and real-life!

It’s specially design for both iPhones and iPads.

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多讲多读识字卡软件是借着格伦杜曼博士和七田真博士所研究的识字卡教学法而设定的。它能有效地帮助您的孩子认读生字。每一课都附上有趣的识字卡游戏,帮 助您的孩子更轻松地学习。一共有10个教学课程!

WINKtoLEARN 的一系列多讲多读 DVD 已帮助数以千计的儿童阅读。所有的文字和 图像是在不同的“卡”,以帮助孩子注意生字。多讲多读一共有200个教学卡片!