About Us

Virtual GS studio develops and publishes multimedia eBooks, retro games and children applications for iOS, Mac and Samsung devices.

昨日的游戏 明日的科技!
Virtual GS 工作室专门开发苹果、三星软件和多媒体电子书。

Doodle War 1

8 thoughts on “About Us

  1. I have really enjoyed Photo Watch Pro. Thank you for adding text size. That was a huge help for my eyes.
    Is it possible to pick several photos and have them randomly appear on the watch? Or is that a feature that you could consider?
    Again thanks for the quality app and the great work you do.


    1. Yes, we have been thinking about this. Our main concern is the UI – we are concern that once we do it, the user will request for features like adding/removing photos, sorting, etc and it might make the UI even more complicated.

      But this feature might appeared anytime. 🙂


    2. I already paid for your app and it stopped working and I had to uninstall anx buy again. PLEASE help


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