Galaxy Watch

You can get the apps from Galaxy Store (inside Galaxy Wearables app on phone).

galaxy_store你可以从三星 Galaxy Wearables 手机软件里的 Galaxy Store 商场下载这些软件。

10 thoughts on “Galaxy Watch

    1. Photo Watch Pro is designed to be a general purpose super watch face, which you have thousands of combinations of analog and digital watch face design. However, if you are only interested in digital watch face, Photo Watch Digital is a specialised version which allows you to have more precise control on the position and design of digital watch face.


  1. I paid for this already why should I have to pay again I’m not paying for it again someone needs to contact me right away


  2. I purchased this app and im not able to download it because its saying that i have the wrong billing address but my account was charged.


    1. Hi, for billing issue I am afraid you have to contact Samsung for this. We can only support you on the app site. Hope you can enjoy the app soon!


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