Doodle Kids

Apple Promotion Video
Apple Promotion Video

This is the painting program written by Lim Ding Wen, a 9 year old developer living in Singapore. This program is designed specially for his sisters and all the kids in the world.mzl.tzphzdyg

More than a million copies has been downloaded worldwide! Doodle Kids has also been featured in the Apple promotion video!

Doodle Kids is available for iPad, iPhone and Android phones. It was originally written for the Apple IIGS computer.



小涂鸦(又名“涂鸦儿童”)是由一位住在新加坡的九岁小孩林鼎文所创作。此软件原本是鼎文设计给他妹妹玩的画画游戏,也适合给全世界的小朋友一起分享。小涂鸦已经在全球被下载超过 100 万次!

小涂鸦能随意用不同的颜色及小画出一些有趣图案!你可以用 iPad, iPhone 和 Android 手机下载小涂鸦!